The women photographed and featured in Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style are eye candy and inspiration for the rest of us. Cohen has made a career of photographing and celebrating fabulously put together women d’un certain age.

There is Rose, a centenarian who isn’t dressed until she is cinched with an iconic belt and clasped with string of outrageous beads. Tziporah Saloman’s canary yellow beanie, Bakelite bracelets and canvas espadrilles are the perfect foils to her perwinkle and maize tunic. “And sometimes it’s a fine line from costume to chic so I am for the latter and work on it until I achieve it.”

The women who caught the author/photgrapher’s eye, steal my heart on every page.  Their delight in their own sense of style and creativity shimmers in each image and sends the message that style never goes out of style and that age is never a barrier to being beautiful.