A dear friend and wise rebbe shared a music video with a group of us she leads in prayer and meditation each week. This morning, while I was making soup for a friend whose mother just died, the melody began playing in my mind.  It was as if my soul was telling me, “Hey, Debra, let’s start this day with some joy, OK?”

Two phrases from the song struck home. The first, “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” is such truth and seems so obvious on first hearing. Can we also examine our lives to discover where we have invested misshapen love? Elevating work over family, making a habit of anger, judging others harshly  are also investments of love, but a love mishapen by fear and ego. 

The second phrase that intrigued me was “meet your Maker.”  I’ve always understood that as our time of death. This morning, dancing around my kitchen while I was gathering the veggies and stock, I realized, “Hey! I’m meeting my Maker right now, dancing around my kitchen making for a friend.”  We can “meet our Maker” every day. The Breath that animates us is there for the meeting whenever we want.  Here is the melody. Let it work its magic on your soul, too. Thank you, thank you, Mumford and Sons.

Where are you investing your love today?