A friend hosts a monthly activity at Meer Apartments, a senior residence community here in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  He asked if I would prepare a program for May, perhaps about my book, This Jewish Life, or on any other topic I might want to share. Storytelling is near to my heart and so I brought This Jewish Life, spoke briefly about how I came to write it and read my own story which opens the book.

Some of the women shared their stories and I learned of the anthology Don’t Write Me Off! Thirty-Nine Stories of Older Adulthood to which some of them had contributed a story of their own. Ilene, a sweet friend of mine from synagogue was there that afternoon and shared the story of how she became the bubbe (grandmother) to an entire schoolful of children. Edie told the (partially hilarious) story of the morning her husband died. Yes.

I traded books with Ilene. I gave her This Jewish Life and she gave me Dont Write Me Off! I am enjoying it immenely.  The stories are deeply moving. The authors have lived joy, endured sorrow and prevailed over personal crises. They recount rising from the depths with wonder, gratitude and determination to move forward.

We all have a story to tell.  More than one. In some way, by some method, find a way to tell your story. Share one here. Check out StoryWorth.  Write it down. Make a selfie-video.  However you choose, gift those who come after with the gift that is you.