The long anticipated week with our granddaughters had finally arrived. At nine each morning our daughter-in-law headed to the library to grade papers and we set out with Olivia and Leah for the day. Martin and I had planned activities galore and were over-the-top excited to put them into action.  Respecting Elliot’s and Elizabeth’s instructions to limit the girls’ digital footprint, I cannot share photos of our week. So, this is my one legit chance as a writer to tell instead of show.

Imagine: beneath a blue sky my friend Iris bends over the girls showing them the stalks of asparagus they can pick.

Imagine: Leah on a swing, her fave at any playground. She is dressed in a blue Frozen T-shirt and cozy pajama bottoms patterned with pink roses and happy green frogs. The wind lifts her hair sunward, a pensive expression on her sweet face.

Imagine: Olivia in the hairdresser’s chair beaming as Megan weaves colorful strands of fairy sparkly tinsel through her hair.

Imagine: Leah and Olivia riding the carousel at the zoo. Leah on the grasshopper, Olivia on the hawk. The brass ring of grandparenthood is firmly in my grasp.

Imagine this waterpark scene: Leah is hesitant, frightened of the huge bucket of water emptying its contents on the shrieking kids below.. Olivia can’t wait to jump in. But she waits, walks over to Leah and says, “I’ll help you Leah. We’ll do it together.” She takes her sister to a quieter part of the park so she can get her feet wet.  Soon Leah soaking wet and ecstatic. Big Sister never leaves her side. When the big bucket of water surprises them, Olivia immediately shelters Leah’s body with her own.

Imagine: attending The Sound of Music at Cranbrook’s outdoor Greek theater. The girls are mesmerized. Leah is so excited she can’t stop kissing us. Leah lasts until the last nine minutes and falls asleep in my arms. Olivia sings “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” all the following week.



Imagine: decorating a sheet cake to represent the giving of
the Ten Commandments in celebration of Shavuot.

                                          Imagine: Martin and me overjoyed at how the week went. Elizabeth, too.
It was a win/win/win week.  We can’t wait for next year’s session.