If you’ve been hanging out here for even a few weeks, you know I thrive on color. My sister Lisa just sent me a link to a Google site that has organized art by, you guessed it, color!  I simply adore this.  Talk about eye candy. More like soul candy. Whatever your mood, you can feast your eyes on old favorites and find new faves as well. Cataloging art by color might sound kitchy or amateurish. Not.

Where else might Van Gogh’s Portrait of Joseph Roulin  rub shoulders with Umberto Boccio’s Stati d’animo – Quelli che restamo.  (States of mind – Those that remain). Deceptively simple and abstract at first glance, it is mesmerizing. The longer I gaze at it, the more mysterious and haunting it becomes. Then my eye was drawn to the still life with oranges. The painting has a spare modern feel. I was astonished to learn it was painted in 1640. Feast your eyes. What color captures you? Which paintings delight you?

Still Life with Oranges courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
















  1. Laurie

    Love the color idea, Debra. You know that I, too, LOVE COLOR! Looking at these oranges, it’s fun to see all the shades of green and orange that exist just in this one painting. As Eddie and I have been decorating our Florida place, we’ve been looking at different colors of art pieces online. Fun to press your color, and viola! There are all these paintings with that color! I love that we share our love for color. Makes it such fun!

    • Debra Darvick

      Isn’t it fun to play with all the colors and see what art arises!
      Talk to you tomorrow.


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