Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Why am I writing about a movie in this drawer of the curio cabinet? Because Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will delight you from head to toe, de la tete aux pieds, from your chapeau to your chausures. The film has it all: a determined protagonist, ingenuity, thrills, set backs, despair, friendship, joy. And then there is salon show in which all but three of the dresses are exact replicas of  Dior originals.

Mrs. Harris was the first movie I’d seen in a theater since January 2020.  The theater was close to empty; my spirit, however, was full of delight.


At left: My mother in Paris, 1955

























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Of Ants and Eggs

This drawer in the curio cabinet is devoted to products, ideas and tips to make your life a bit easier.  

We had a few too many sugar ants visiting late spring and well into June. So tiny, nearly cute,  but I still didn’t want them tiptoeing around my appliance garage. Peppermint oil to the rescue. I wiped the counter down with a mixture of soapy water and a few drops of peppermint oil. I soaked a few cotton balls with full strength oil and tucked them at the back edges of the garage. For a few days, I left the bottle uncorked in there as well. The house smelled delicious and within  a day or two no more ants.

It seems everyone has their secret trick for perfectly made and peeled hard-boiled eggs. Here’s mine:

Fill a pot with water and set it to boil. When it’s good and roiling, gently settle your eggs into the pot, allow the water to return to   a boil and set your timer for 12 mintues. When the time is up, turn off the flame and let the eggs sit in the water for a minute or two more. Rinse them in cool water, tap the bottom of the egg to crack the shell, and peel away. Voila! Perfectly hard-boiled eggs.



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