Wry Humor Amidst the Sorrow

Fellow Read the Spirit author Suzy Farbman penned a sweet column recently about a friend whom she had lost touch with. Ultimately Suzy discovered Arlene had died in 2019. This, from her friend’s obituary, made me laugh and give thanks for friendships and the wonderful people in our lives who cross our path and bring us such delight.

In her obit, Arlene’s son Adam said, “She now has the title she always wanted, ‘the late Arlene Epstein’ as she was never on time for anything.”


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“Jewish Cemetery, Mauritius” by PhoebeJ is licensed under CC BY 2.0








Expectant dad, shouting frantically into the phone: “My wife is pregnant.  Her contractions are coming two minutes apart!”

Doctor on call: “Is this her first child?”

Expectant dad: “No! This is her husband!”


photo: “A few hours after touchdown” by Sellers Patton. Licensed under Creative Commons.



Teen of the Night

One of Mozart’s most favorite arias, the “Queen of the Night” from The Magic Flute has been reinterpreted for today’s adolescents and their parents, right down to the eye rolls.  Martin and Olivia love sharing this one during their afternoons of music. Olivia has seen the “black dress one”  and the “green dress one.” Somehow she understands the reinterpretation is a spoof and has taken to calling it “the funny one.”