Hold the Bleach!

Clotheslines might have been a pain in the neck way back when, but I’ve always felt a sense of romance and lightheartedness about them.  To me they evoke warm summer days, light breezes and sheets scented with the aroma of cut grass and sunlight.

I’m taking an intro class in color theory. After painting our own samples of primary, secondary and tertiary colors on cardstock, the assignment was to create a color wheel using three separate shapes for each of the color groups. What better than shirts, pants and skirts? And what a great mix and match wardrobe!

My First Bird Photo

The last time I wrote about Ted Grussing, he had just taken me up in Mariah, his two seater motor-glider, for a ride of a lifetime.  That was more than two years ago. This past December we returned to Sedona for a visit.  Ted, always generous, always living his life to the fullest, invited us for a three-hour birding photo shoot on Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix. Ted is out on Lake Pleasant at least once, if not twice, every week.  He knows every curve of the shore, every inlet and every kind of bird who makes Lake Watson a stopping place.

Martin got some great shots.  Ted, whose  lens brings birds so close you see the whites of their eyes, snapped some jaw-droppers. I nabbed my first blue heron.  It was a total thrill.  Didn’t top the plane ride in Mariah two years ago, but any outing with Ted is unforgettable.






 Eagle photo, above, courtesy of Ted Grussing
Heron photo, left, courtesy of Debra Darvick




Were an editor seeking a visual definition of the word poignant, this would be it. If you weren’t a vegetarian before, you might give it serious consideration after seeing this print Emma did some years back.  It still tugs at me.  Though she enjoys a good steak, you’d never know it from this.


Artwork courtesy of Emma Darvick

What Women Wear

Emma created this in Barcelona where she spent the fall of her junior year. She adored her art teachers, learned a lot and did some wonderful work. This is a photo of the photo of the original which she couldn’t bring home because of its size.

I love this work.  Cobalt blue is my color. The assemblage of the various women held within a silhouetted stance of such confidence thrills me every time I see it. It’s just so cool. Brava, my dear daughter.  Brava.

If you’re curious about what she is doing now, Google Emma Darvick and see.