Cranbrook. One word, six marvels. Formally known as the Cranbrook Educational Community, the CEC consists of a graduate Academy of Art, a contemporary Art Museum, an historic House and Gardens, a natural history museum and Pre-K through 12 independent college preparatory schools .In August 1989, Cranbrook became a National Historic Landmark, America’s highest designation for a place of outstanding historical significance. To walk these grounds is to experience the vision of apogee of human potential.

This week, I share with you Martin’s latest image from the gardens just behind Cranbrook House. If you live anywhere in Southeast Michigan and haven’t been here, what are you waiting for? If you live farther away, put it on your list. Let me know you’re visiting and I’ll come with you!

Photo courtesy of Martin Darvick


  1. Dr. Anita Rosenfield


    • Debra Darvick

      I will tell Martin you said so. He will be so pleased.

  2. Richard E Berkowitz

    lovely me

  3. Laurie

    So gorgeous! I love Cranbrook! And Martin’s picture does it justice! Love the purple tree, as you know.


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