Martin is not sure how the black background happened but we’re glad for the serendipity just the same. The inky blackness framing the light-filled grasses turns this image into a visual mantra: I look at it for long moments, feeling peace rise within me.

What about you?


photo courtesy of Martin Darvick


  1. Laurie

    To me, it is “night with a glow.” Beautiful capturing of nature!

    • Debra Darvick

      I love it and will share your comment with Martin!

  2. Patricia Hoisch

    I am fascinated by reflections on water. They remind me to be aware of what is original and what is reaction, without judgement.

    • Debra Darvick

      You have jogged my memory about a photo Martin took that
      we still can’t explain and it speaks right to your comment
      about what is original and what is reaction. What a fabulous
      metaphor. Stay tuned. I’ll find that photo for next week’s

  3. Elissa Koopmans Schwartz

    It’s a gorgeous photo! Martin is always so talented at taking the perfect picture. I think I see purple in the photo as well, but it may be my brain imagining it because purple is my favorite color. The beauty in the top half of the photo is caught majestically in the bottom half of the photo with the perfectly posed reflection. Lovely!


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