Martin and I see different worlds.   When we’re out walking in the neighborhood or hiking out west, I point out sights on the ground: a camouflaged horned toad, a snail making its way across a stone, a teeny flower reaching for its place in the sun. He captures vistas that I’d need stilts, or at least a step stool, to enjoy.

Then there are the times I see something that would make a great photo, but I’m just not tall enough to make it work.  This fall photo is the latest such example. Isn’t this a glorious cornucopia of color and texture?  From where I stood, had I snapped the image, you would have  the concrete platform supporting the flowers, leaves and pumpkins and little of the arrangement itself. I called Martin over and voila! In addition to capturing the arrangement, he was able to frame it with the fiery maple.

Ah, my world would be much the poorer without his vision.