This is my page to share anything that enhances my life, be it an insight, gadget, a spiritual or physical practice, a recipe, or even a great pair of socks. 

Today, I’m raving about my pencil sharpener. I know. Computers are king, penmanship is quaint, and if you’re  friend or family my handwriting gives you fits. Nevertheless.

I adore my Carl Angel-5 pencil sharpener. The mechanism securing the pencil cleverly advances it along the rotating blade. A slide-out drawer catches the shavings for easy dumping. Best of all, no it-never-quite-works suction cup. 

Why not electric?  My mother had a thing about electrified necessities. “Nu?” I can hear her say, “When there’s a black out, guess who’s not eating tuna fish?” I feel the same way about pencil sharpeners. In a blackout, as long as I have matches and a candle, I’ll be able to get my thoughts down. Reading them after the storm is another story.



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