On Sunday this dogwood tree was festooned with small red berries.

On Monday, bluejaws flew back and forth having their fill, squawking at the just-as-hungry robins and the more timid wrens and sparrows. “OUR TREE! MINE! MINE! MY BERRIES!”

On Tuesday the robins moved in.  They tussled with one another in a whir of wings, to and fro, to and fro. It was marvelous.  I went out to try and photograph the berry frenzy but it wasn’t possible.  So I simply stood on the patio and watched in delight while the robins ate one, two, three, four berries at a time before flying to parts unknown and their winter troves. It was marvelous seeing Nature take care of itself. From blossoms to berries to bird sustenance.

On Wednesday the tree’s entire crown was bare of berries and by afternoon the only ones remaining hung from the bottom-most and lightest branches. By now the sparrows and wrens had joined in, sneaking away the ones on the ground. They had to tussle with the chipmunks a time or two, but it was rather civil. 

This morning the tree is nearly bare of berries. My heart is full of wonder and gratitude. The memory will feed me through the winter.