Oh, for want of a properly placed pronoun:

“Their (Prince Charles and Lady Diana) wedding was extravagantly over the top. We are conscious that the banquet hall served a total of 27 wedding celebrations. The official cake was designed and made by David Avery, one of the Royal Marines Master Chefs. After being eaten by a child, they sold the 33-year-old cake to a collector for $1,375.” 

Obviously, this was a posthumous sale. Or did the child, having developed a taste for all things royal, graduate from eating a Windsor wedding cake to devouring its bakers? Who would buy a 33-year-old wedding cake? Brings me to tiers…


My husband didn’t catch the grammar mistake that made me laugh out loud when I read it.   If you missed it too, you’re in good company. What made me laugh was this phrase, “After being eaten by a child, they…..”  As my 11th grade teacher would have asked, “How did ‘they’ sell a cake if they ‘were eaten by a child?’ “


photo courtesy of Getty Images