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Yarn Chicken?

Yarn Chicken? A yarn-laying chicken?  A knitophobe? Not even close.

Knitters play yarn chicken when daring and/or hoping that the amount of yarn they have left will be enough to finish the project at hand. The friend who taught me the phrase was playing yarn chicken with a hat she was knitting from a leftover ball of yarn. Win and her hat will be green; lose and it might have a curious run of stitches in salmon or crimson. Further yarn chicken research brought me to a  blogger who confused dye lot number with a totally new, and utterly grim, concept — die lot number. Not so funny.

If you’re up for a few more yarns and funny phrases from the knitting world, head over to Bella’s Custom Crochets. I especially liked stashquisitions. I bet that’s where yarn chickens come from.

photo courtesy of 0990 argosy yarn (ball) by WoofBC, licensed with Creative Commons 



An Eye for Style

Isn’t this purse a total hoot? The evil eye surrounded by all those peacock eyes, the rhinestones and gold are just so much glittery fun. The purse is gorgeous in a bizarre kind of way.

I read once that the many renditions of the evil eye are blue because ill-willed beings lived in the oceans. The blue eye was a way of turning the envious destroyer right back into the ocean.

When I was growing up, my mother often recited her mother’s and grandmother’s Yiddish incantation against the evil eye. “Kennahara!” (no evil eye) she would say if anything positive was voiced, lest the jealous evil eye steal health, advanced age, a birth, a new home, beauty even.

Kind of curious to have a purse that draws attention to its own sumptuousness while simultaneously warding off  jealousy.

Gotta have it? Head on over to Ebay.

A Bit of Calendar Confusion



True story:  A week or so before Halloween, an Orthodox Jewish mother was at  the grocery store with her two young sons. Halloween decorations were everywhere: goblins, Jack O’Lanterns, witches, the whole shebang. The little boys were spellbound, clapping as shrieking as they took it all in.

One turned to the other, filled with Halloween spirit and said to explaimed to his brother, “Don’t you just LOVE Christmas!”