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An Incongruous Honor

Martin and I realize that this playground was named in honor of someone special to the Royal Oak, MI community. We still couldn’t help but laugh at the incongruity.

I guess it’s best to stay off the mood swings.


New York, New York!

My daughter and her husband moved from Brooklyn last week. She shared with me a “moving” story that reminded me of an old New Yorker cartoon. The first frame showed a man, newly arrived to the Big Apple, arms lifted to the heavens, an exultant smile on his face, shouting, “New York!  Here I am!!” The second frame shows him reaching for his suitcases that were, of course, no longer there.

Emma, wanting to leave behind some good will in her neighborhood, put a vase of eucalyptus on her stoop, intending for passersby to take a stem or two back to their apartments.  A half hour later Emma saw that someone had taken her dimestore vase and tossed her beloved eucalyptus into the trash.  

Covid shmovid. Nuthin’ touches a New Yorker’s noive.

Lighten up!

If you have a set of Picture a Conversation or have visited the site, this little monkey has probably made you laugh before. No matter how many times I look at this shot, I can’t help but laugh. I hope you laugh, too, whether for the first time or the fourteenth!


photo courtesy of Martin Darvick