There was a single epic snowfall when I was a child. It couldn’t have been more than an inch, two at the most, but  I was ecstatic. When you grow up in the South, even an inch of snow is miraculous.  I spent the afternoon scraping snow into the best facsimile of a snowman I could make. He was little more than a mound, but he had a carrot nose and a ribbon for a scarf.  I went north for college; the first snowfall my roommates showed me how to make a snow angel.

It’s still a thrill to fall back into a flawless blanket of snow, windmill my arms and legs  and bring to earth an imagined heavenly being. I love lying cold-warm within my angel’s outline, blue sky above me, tree branches limned in white.     I inhale winter and exhale joy.  Winter will never be my favorite season, but making snow angels is grand compensation.


Photo courtesy of Martin Darvick, my fellow Kid @ Heart


  1. Elissa Koopmans Schwartz

    It has been many years since I made a snow angel, probably because my children are grown and my time in the snow is spent shoveling. 🙂 However, I do remember the joy such a creation brought to me when I used to take a plain patch of snow and turn it into an angel with beautiful and full wings. Thanks to your inspiration, I think the next time we get a snowfall, and before I pick up that shovel, I will put one more snow angel on this Earth.

    • Debra Darvick

      OH Yes!!! This makes me very happy, Elissa that you’re inspired to make a snow angel again.
      Send a photo and I’ll see if I can post it.

  2. Ilene Rubin

    According to the weather reports, you should enjoy a heavenly time this week.
    Your story about your first snowman reminded me of when my sister, who lives in Israel, was visiting me, reacted when we had an unexpected snowfall of a very small amount. She ran outside and managed to gather enough snow to make a mini snowman about six inches high, complete with twig arms and small rocks for eyes. She was absolutely elated and we talked about this memory for years afterwards.

    • Debra Darvick

      I think I have a sister in the snow with your sister! Wonderful story, Ilene.
      I am smiling just imagining you two together.


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