Youth is not a time of life – it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips, and supple knees; it is a temper of will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of emotions; it is a freshness of the deep spring of life. Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite of adventure over love of ease.                 Samuel Ullman, 1840 – 1924


  1. Laurie

    So wise! I love the words he uses. It paints a certain picture, which I can feel deep within me! Thanks for sharing this, Debra.

  2. Brenda Strausz

    I find the quote you posted very lovely. It makes me want to live more fully and deeply and take notice of everything. Thank you for sharing <3

  3. Laura

    I love this one!

  4. Laurei

    Just another comment: I’m with my mom here in Florida, and I liken this to her. She is exactly this way – even at 94. I’m going to read this to her. Thanks, Debra!

    • Debra Darvick

      Yes, this is what I hope and pray I will age into — a four- or ten-year old in
      an older body!


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