Debra Darvick

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The 54 stories in This Jewish Life are told by those who have been transformed by Judaism’s strengths: ritual, community, healing, celebration and the influence of the Divine.

Award-winning journalist Debra B. Darvick brings together inspiring moments within the framework of Jewish life cycle events, holidays and ceremonies.

This Jewish Life is for:

  • Readers with an interest in the
  • rhythms of Jewish life
  • Synagogue book clubs
  • Those teaching and attending conversion classes
  • A unique bar or bat mitzvah git
  • Family members whose loved ones have chosen Judaism
  • Anyone, simply anyone, who enjoys a good story

Debra Darvick’s, We Are Jewish Faces, celebrates Jewish racial
diversity with charm and enthusiasm, putting to rest worn-out stereotypes of
what a “Jewish face” looks like.

The simple rhyming text, highlighted by vibrant images of Jew kids and adults exuberantly engaged in life, has made We Are Jewish Faces the go-to book for parents and kids aged 2 – 5.