Dreamed-up City and a New Perspective on Creativity

Earlier in the year, I took a terrific Zoom class from portraitist Kerry Yaklin. Kerry is a gifted teacher and mentor. At the outset of our class she acknowledged that  most of us are in recovery from a soul-searing childhood art experience. Before we picked up a pencil or a paintbrush Kerry let us know we were safe following our tools wherever they, and our creativity, would take us during class.

This assignment in one-point perspective was like nothing         I had ever done before. I loved inventing buildings, playing with patterns and color. Kerry used this lesson to acquaint us with rendering a cloud-filled sky. I had some great metallic pens calling out to me. I followed my tools. Somewhere in a parallel universe, there are colorful metropolises whose skyscrapers reach toward metallic skies.

Which building would you live in?

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