Best Socks. Ever.

I love my Darn Tough socks. They are what they say. I’ve never had a pair wear out, including the ones I’ve hiked in for six winters straight. The company offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee. They’ll take back their socks, no questions asked, if you’re not satisfied. I can’t imagine that happening. I pretty much live in mine They’re snug, cozy, warm, and come in great colors and patterns. They run from $21 – $28 and wash and dry perfectly. On a cost per year basis that’s pretty unbeatable. 

Darn Tough® is a  family-owned company located in Vermont where they’ve been making these great socks for three generations now. The Merino wool they use is responsibly sourced. From the info on their site, they are are using up their stock of non-RWS wool (Responsible Wool Standard) toward the goal of using 100% RWS wool in their socks. 

Back to the praise. If you’re a sock hound, check out Darn Tough. Your feet will thank you. 

( I do not receive payment or product for this review.)

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