But Do They Work?

I saw this product on Grommet and laughed out loud. I showed it to Martin and he looked puzzled. My man is very literal; the instructions on the front of the box do tell you to, “Twist and Throw!”

He asked me, “Are you really supposed to throw them at the mice?” Which made me laugh all the harder because the image it brought to mind was even funnier than the product’s name.  What mouse is going to stay still long enough for me to find the Mouse Balls and throw them? And with my aim? I see a mouse and I scream. Before my dear friend and neighbor moved away, I would scream and then run and get Shelby.  She was great. She handled the mice and I handled the throw-up.

But back to the mice. Maybe they run if, while you’re throwing, you shout, “These are mouse balls! These are mouse balls!” Mice are opportunistic home invaders. So are moths. And you just have to know that every mousie mommy tells her sons what happens to naughty moths who go where they’re not supposed to.

I can’t vouch for the product. But I have been known to use peppermint oil on, yes,  cotton balls.

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