Red All Over

If I hadn’t forgotten my container of red peppers to snack on while I ran errands, my husband might never have snapped this shot. Right before I left, he received the week’s challenge from his camera club: Photograph something red.

Isn’t this red-on-red totally rad? Not to mention the circle of pinkish highlights atop the pepper. I was hungry when I came home but Martin’s view of the world never fails to feed  me.

photo courtesy of Martin Darvick


Sky in the Lake

The Hebrew words for water and sky are mayim and shamayim. There are all sorts of text-based explanations for this nestling of water within the sky.

Were there a visual dictionary exploring this linguistic puzzle, Martin’s photo from this past October would be the perfect choice for such an entry.


photo courtesy of Martin Darvick

My Mother in Grey and White

I’m not sure who snapped this of my mother, likely my dad. This might have been taken on their honeymoon. She couldn’t have been more than 19.

I love how her shoes, handbag, gloves and cap of black hair compose irregular compass points framing her. Only she would have had the pluck to wear a white coat while traveling. And to a city, no less. The blue scarf strikes me as a subtle bit of visual rebellion. It is grey enough to blend and blue enough to keep the eye focussed on the woman wearing it.