What I Say ≠ What It Hears

I’ve never achieved the Millennials’ facility of thumb texting. I hold my phone in my left palm and “type” with my right index finger.  It is cumbersome and time consuming. More often than not, I use voice text.

This has led to a lot of chuckles and a near-disaster or two.  I still have no idea what I said that my phone heard as “F… the apple.” Very glad I proofread that one before hitting send. Sometimes, for humor’s sake, I leave them as is, accompanied by what I actually dictated. Low bar for laughter but these days any source of levity is welcome.

Yesterday my friend Iris thanked me for teaching her a new term although she didn’t know what it meant. “Hi, Iris” is what I said. “Air Irish” is what was heard.  Which got me thinking: a new airline? Airborne four-leaf clovers? Lacy curtains on the clothesline?

Last week we attended a wedding in Denver. In an email to someone I referred to it as a “simcha,” the Yiddish word for a happy occasion such as a wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. My phone heard “sim card.” There just might be a tenuous link between a simcha and a sim card. The former definitely generates a lot of memories. 

Just for kicks, and if you’d like, send me any of your recent “Air Irishes.”  I’ll share them in a future column.



          from the simcha, photo courtesy of Martin Darvick

photo of texting girl: Texting” by Ed Yourdon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.







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