Yarn Chicken?

Yarn Chicken? A yarn-laying chicken?  A knitophobe? Not even close.

Knitters play yarn chicken when daring and/or hoping that the amount of yarn they have left will be enough to finish the project at hand. The friend who taught me the phrase was playing yarn chicken with a hat she was knitting from a leftover ball of yarn. Win and her hat will be green; lose and it might have a curious run of stitches in salmon or crimson. Further yarn chicken research brought me to a  blogger who confused dye lot number with a totally new, and utterly grim, concept — die lot number. Not so funny.

If you’re up for a few more yarns and funny phrases from the knitting world, head over to Bella’s Custom Crochets. I especially liked stashquisitions. I bet that’s where yarn chickens come from.

photo courtesy of 0990 argosy yarn (ball) by WoofBC, licensed with Creative Commons 



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