Hard to believe we’re edging up on a year of Covid.  The virus  weaves itself through nearly every consideration in our lives.  Multiply by, say 50, the number of lives claimed and you have twenty-five million people mourning their family and friends. Scientists of all disciplines will likely be studying for years to come the emotional, physical, educational and social implications of this pandemic.

The goal of this site is to “enhance your now” to bring a bit of brightness to you, my readers. Amidst it all, this year has also brought silver linings, and that is where questions come into play. What silver lining has this pandemic year brought to you? Have you taken the opportunity to do something you might not have attempted otherwise, a new hobby perhaps, or skill? What of your relationships? Which have been strengthened and how? Which  have been weakened? The song “For Good” from Wicked comes to me.  How, and possibly who, has changed you this year? For the better? For good?

Photo credit:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               “Zodiac sign of LIBRA in a 15th century manuscript” by VirtualManuscript Library of Switzerland, licensed umdr CC BY-NC 2.0