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Were an editor seeking a visual definition of the word poignant, this would be it. If you weren’t a vegetarian before, you might give it serious consideration after seeing this print Emma did some years back.  It still tugs at me.  Though she enjoys a good steak, you’d never know it from this.


Artwork courtesy of Emma Darvick

What Women Wear

Emma created this in Barcelona where she spent the fall of her junior year. She adored her art teachers, learned a lot and did some wonderful work. This is a photo of the photo of the original which she couldn’t bring home because of its size.

I love this work.  Cobalt blue is my color. The assemblage of the various women held within a silhouetted stance of such confidence thrills me every time I see it. It’s just so cool. Brava, my dear daughter.  Brava.

If you’re curious about what she is doing now, Google Emma Darvick and see.

In the Pink!

It’s way past tulip time but I found this in Martin’s archive and wanted to share it just the same.  Maybe this is from the tulip festival we attended in Holland, MI in May. Maybe he came upon this in the neighborhood.  Whatever the location I just love how he captured the beauty and simplicity of a bevy of tulips against a white picket fence.  I hope you do, too.


photo courtesy of Martin Darvick




Lost in Space

I took a non-traditional watercolor class this spring semester and loved it. Part of our first week’s assignment was to sketch something — fruit or vegetable — from 12 different perspectives. These sketches served as weekly warm-up exercises using a different technique or color experiment each time.

By the final class, I wanted to do something completely different. Why not use grey, black and white?  And some leftover ultramarine to set off the color scheme.   Somehow the color choices made the onion pop against the background, reminding of a lost planet that might have been called Allium.

Chillin’ on the Hood

I love it when Martin goes abstract with his camera. He captured this the morning after a late, and I mean late, spring snow. The trees were in bloom, the flowers were up.  And down came the snow on the hood of this Corvette. The little seed casings froze and dropped. Not Nature’s most successful sequence of weather, but it did make for a great shot.

photo courtesy of Martin Darvick