Being married to Martin brings me many joys. One of them is seeing the world through his eyes. He snapped this shot of a Torch Lily a couple of weeks ago at Cranbrook. If you are local, go visit.  If you’re not, next time you’re in Detroit be sure you visit.  I was so taken with the image I wanted to try and paint it.

I started out and then got frustrated because I couldn’t make my painting look like his pohto. And then I remembered.  Once again.  Duh.  Photo realism is not my goal. My goal is to enjoy what I am doing. My goal is to render a beautiful image as I experience it.  My goal is to ignore the inner critic. My goal is to play.  So I did. I mixed up all sorts of yellows, reds and oranges. For whatever reason, the aqua/blue-green/teal I used as my background, reads blue here.

I’m haven’t finished the painting.  But I am having fun.  I am learning, one brushstroke at a time.  I’m ever so grateful to be inspired by the beauty the Martin captures for us all.