As they often do, Passover and Easter will bookend the coming week. We’ll be revisiting our peoples’ founding story. For Jews, the theme is liberation. For Christians, resurrection.

The holidays arrive in tandem with the growing availbility of the Covid vaccine, and moving into a new phase of this pandemic.  Bit by bit, arm by arm, we are being liberated from a year of isolation. With the reappearing crocus and snowdrops we, too, find ourselves breaking through. We feel life returning to us. As we move into this holy time, I offer a few questions we might ask ourselves and one another at our holiday meals. whether in person or on Zoom.

1. What has this year of quarantine liberated you from?

2. What might you not choose to resume?

3. How do you feel you are coming alive once again?



photo credit: Debra Darvick © 2021