My last offering invited readers to share their reasons why they love America. Their answers are below followed by links to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  And for all you Hamilton fans out there, there’s a little ditty by King George III.

Why I Love America

citizens have the right to vote
highest individual charitable donations as a percentage of the national GDP
NYT’s Wordle and Metropolitan Diary
innovation upon innovation upon innovation
our national parks

wide open spaces of nature where nothing is built upon.
bobcats, javelinas and roadrunners in the wild
many big national parks
popcorn in movie houses
modern dance troupes

The U.S. Constitution
wonderful cities to explore
beautiful beaches
friendliness of Americans

Freedom of the press.
Freedom for women to publish in sections beyond cooking and domestic arts

I’m free to speak my mind and practice my religion, free from the
government inhibiting or arresting me.
I may write/email my elected officials with my concerns or appreciation.
I am free to live where I choose.

The respect for our flag, where in a crowd (most) all stand in respect to our country and words [of the Star-Spangled Banner] being sung.

Gave my grandparents a new life and a future for their descendants.
Educational opportunities
Relative safety
Options to live in varying terrains and climates
Powerful military for defense
Amazon for convenience
Availability of the word y’all

separation of church and state
a generally peaceful transition of power
freedom of the press
right turns on red!
sustainable democracy
overall beauty

Please feel free to add your reasons in the comments section.


Declaration of Independence

United States Constitution

You’ll Be Back

OK after listening to You’ll Be Back, I gotta add to the list:

Broadway, Broadway, Broadway


photo courtesy of Debra Darvick