All the world’s a narrow bridge and the most important thing is not to be afraid.
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov


I don’t remember this quote often enough, but I should. All of life is a narrow bridge. We constantly navigate from here to there, bridging relationships, professional reckonings, creative endeavors. Even when the crossing is planned and happily anticipated, uncertaintly (fear diluted) can nip at our heels the entire way across.

Rebbe Nachman reminds us that fear is as ubiquitous as the bridge itself.  We have a choice about the fear. If we are to get anywhere in life, we have to cross the bridge.

This teaching comes to life in many musical renditions.  This one  is quite active and energizing.  This one is more soothing likeHere’s one that is .  

photo by Supermaci1961 licensed by Creative Commons.