Sheri Winston’s Women’s Anatomy of Arousal picks up where Our Bodies Ourselves left off and carries it way past any goalpost you might dream up.

OK, what do I say next? This isn’t a family magazine but given the trolls out there I don’t want to invite unwanted attention.

So here’s what I have to say. Get this book.  Read it.  Give a copy to your daughter. Share it with your significant other whether male or female or non-binary. Learn about all the layers of pleasure sources we cisgendered women have right in our own bodies that we sure weren’t taught in Health Ed.

Winston’s language is frank, funny, factual. Did you know a woman’s clitoris is actually over 7 cm (over 2″ in length), most of it hidden within? Or that women have “herections?” Well, I actually did know that but I love her word. At times, the author’s language also made me uncomfortable; some diagrams made me squirm. Both reactions merit pause and consideration.

By this time in our lives, our bodies have prevailed over decades of change, trauma, miracles, and medical intervention.  Sheri Winston offers compassion for what has been lost and urges us to realize that it’s never too late to reclaim, or even claim for the first time, the wonder and power of our female body.